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Lizzy & Alaine's Special Needs

These two special girls have some special needs ~ and you can help meet those

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Lizzy and Alaine are two of our children who are no longer babies. They both have cerebral palsy and are not able to be fostered or adopted in Kenya at this time. Lizzy is 16 years old. She was our very first baby at Haven of Hope in 2009! Alaine is 6 years old and enjoyed a wonderful special needs camp that opened a door for her to attend a Montessori school with a special needs program.

We recently built a new cottage on property that is accessible and equipped just for Lizzy and Alaine where they live with their own caretaker, Auntie Njeri. They are able to live on the compound with all the other aunties and babies, while still having some autonomy and learning some independent living skills as they grow older.

There are now some wonderful educational opportunities right here in Nakuru, so they are able to live at home and attend schools that meet their needs. Lizzy is attending Nakuru Special School that specializes in vocational and life skills for older children. Alaine is ready to attend Kipepeo Montessori school that will provide her with special services, physical and occupational therapy, as well as some inclusive academics.

This campaign will go towards their school fees, their own caretaker's salary, additional fittings and accommodations for their cottage, equipment (batteries for Lizzy's electric chair, chair/stroller for Alaine, etc), and other basic care needs.

Please consider being part of Lizzy and Alaine's success and growth as they enter new stages of development, blossoming into the beautiful, independent and successful young ladies that God created them to be!

The Vision and Mission of His Cherished Ones is to see families fully functioning with each individual member thriving in safe, loving, supportive homes and communities. We are able to do this by providing a safe, loving home for the babies in our care as we seek to find their permanent place within a family unit. Through these connections, we are able to help strengthen and come alongside families by training and equipping men and women through biblical teaching and discipleship.